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If you wish to help the project please speak to reception on 01773 599993. They will take your name and number and ensure that someone contacts you. If you have a particular skill or want to help by doing something specific please tell the person what you would like to do to help.

We have a need to do many tasks everything you can imagine in association with a building of this age being put to the uses we endeavouring to promote. The list is headed up by those that are most desperate at this time but please don‘t consider it definitive.

  • Joiners door hanging and furniture, partition modification, general repairs
  • Receptionists reception should be manned for ninety hours a week, it isn‘t yet
  • Cleaners the whole building needs to be cleaned every week
  • Roofers slate roof repairs, flashing repairs, flat roof repairs, woodwork maintenance
  • Plumbers new toilets, depluming sinks, water heating systems
  • Heating Engineers large and small boilers and water filled systems
  • Stone Masons repair and replace stone structures which are up to 100 years old
  • And many many more

Again if you wish to help us please get in contact with reception on 01773 599993.