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The following Terms and Conditions apply to all bookings. Please read thoroughly as understanding these conditions constitutes part of the booking agreement, and non-compliance may result in additional charges being applied.

    Booking Procedure
  1. All applications for hire must be in writing on a BOOKING FORM obtainable from reception.
  2. For Enquiries: Call - 01773 599993 or, Email -
  3. All monies due are to be paid 2 weeks prior to the hire date. When booking within 2 weeks of the activity, the full booking fee must be paid to confirm the booking.
  4. Payment can be made by cash, or cheque made payable to “Strutts Centre Limited”.
  5. All fees are non refundable if you cancel within 2 weeks of the hire date.
  6. The hirer is to include in their booking time any set up and pack up time that may be required and must vacate the room/s at the correct time. if not, additional room hire will be payable at the appropriate rate, pro rata, hourly or parts thereof (in half hour increments).
  7. Any bookings made more than six months in advance will be charged at the rate applicable on the date of the function.
  8. The trustees reserve the right to refuse any application for the hire of room/s or any space without stating a reason.
  9. The trustees must approve all events open to the public.
    Single Booking
  1. The single events, or one off room hire, a 50% non-refundable deposit must be paid within 1 week of the reservation; confirmation of the booking is only given once the deposit is paid.
    Repeat Bookings
  1. For repeat bookings hirers will be invoiced monthly.
    Room Usage
  1. There must be a nominated person in charge for every booking who is present and responsible for compliance with the conditions of hire.
  2. Access to the room is only guaranteed 10 minutes prior to your booking start time.
  3. Any loss or damage to the property of STRUTTS or it's volunteers will be charged to the hirer.
  4. Any damage must be reported to reception.
  5. All hirer's property is stored on the premises at their own risk.
  6. The hirer must sign in at Reception before commencing any activity and sign out once the room is clear.
  7. The hirer must return all chairs, seating, tables and other furniture to their designated areas.
  8. The room/s must be left in a clean and tidy condition.
  9. Nothing is to be driven into or attached to in any way to the wall, floor, furniture or furnishings.
  10. Hirers and users must not damage the wood block flooring in any way. (Please wear appropriate footwear).
  11. The hirer is responsible for the closure of all windows and for turning off the heaters in the room/s before leaving.
  12. The hirer is responsible for the removal of all their rubbish from the building and outside surrounding areas.
  13. The continuous Change Bell will be sounded to warn hirers that the centre is closing and all must leave the building.
    Health and safety
  1. The hirer shall fulfil all legal duties, including Health and Safety, for those attending their class/event.
  2. Fire/Emergency exit doors MUST be kept closed and clear from obstruction at all times.
  3. The hirer will read and understand the Fire and Evacuation procedures as posted on the doors of rooms for hire and will be responsible for listing the names present at their event.
  4. No naked flames are allowed on the premises.
  5. The hirer is responsible for the provision of First Aid facilities during the hirer period and must be able to provide first aid assistance to anyone injured during the term of the hire.
  6. All accidents must be entered in the Strutts Centre Accident Book, which is available on request from the Person-in-charge on Reception.
  7. it is illegal to use any equipment on this site, which has not been certified under the PAT regulations. Therefore, NO uncertified electrical appliances - including electric kettles or coffee makers, are to be brought onto the site by the hirer.
  8. No additional lights shall be use without prior consent of the Person-in-charge on Reception.
  9. No sound amplification equipment may be use on site without prior consent of the Trustees.
  10. The Front Entrance to be use at all times unless disabled access is required. Please inform Reception if disabled access is required and we will provide as much assistance as is practicable.
  11. There is NO SMOKING permitted in any part of the building. it is illegal to smoke within the building.
  12. All conditions of the Premises Licence shall be duly observed. (A copy of the Licence is displayed on the notice board in the corridor outside Room 25.)
  13. it is a legal offence to refuse to leave when requested to do so by the Person-in-charge on Reception, and not to do so may result in the Police being summoned.
  1. Wallboards maybe used, where available, for display purposes for the duration of the hire period.
  2. All other advertising must be handed to reception for approval by the Trustees to display.
  3. All external banners are displayed at the discretion of the Trustees.
  1. Refreshments and hot drinks will be provided at a reasonable charge, by prior booking with the Strutts Centre Limited. The revenue from this service helps cover the running costs of the Project.
  2. Hot and cold drinks machines are situated in the servery of the Hall.
  3. Refreshments can only be provided by the hirer for consumption on the premises with prior agreement of the Trustees.
  4. The sale of alcohol is only permitted on the premises when the Licensing Authority (AVBC) has granted a Temporary Event Notice.
  1. Please observe a 5 mph Speed Limit on site.
  2. All vehicles are parked in Strutts Centre car parking areas at the owners' risk.
  3. Please park in designated spaces where available and be considerate of other users.
  4. Please observe all signs and instructions at all times.
  5. All on-site parking is at the discretion of the Trustees.
  6. When the Centre is closed the Car Park will be locked.