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Ramblings from the Chair

Nick McLeod is the Chair of “The Guardians”, the charity that holds Strutts for the people of Belper. He is the person that lots of people think of as the caretaker. Nick, like all the volunteers, does not get payed and does a considerable amount of work for Strutts; everything from cleaning drains to moving furniture. If I want to speak to Nick I simply turn up at Strutts because he is almost inevitably there beavering away on some task or another.

Over the last few months he has been writing a number of articles for the local paper the Belper News. They are all about the building, the people and the activities that go on in inside. They are presented here in reverse order and should be read remembering the date when they were written, otherwise reference to weather etc make no sense.

As ever if you feel inspired to come and help feel free to speak to one of us there is still plenty to be done. Even better if you spot one of my spelling mistails or a piece of appalling grammar tell me or even better, volunteer to help me get it right.