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A Walk Around The Outside
Saturday 12th May 2018

Gibfield Lane and Derby Road.
North end of site, Gibfield Lane and Derby Road.
Albert's gaurden - north end on the A6.
Closeup of Albert's garden.
The north corner by Gibfiled Lane and Derby Road.
Frontage from the north end.
North quad from Derby Rd (A6).
North quad.
The London Plane trees.
Headmasters bay window and the front.
The main building frontage from Derby Road (A6).
Main pedestrian gate on A6.
Stomework over pedestrian gate.
Southern end of front by A6
The drive along the front to the quads and the main entrance.
South quad and flagpole.
The south quad.
The front lawn.
South face of building and rain garden.
Rain garden from the A6.
The rain garden soak away.
The rain gardens and the south face of the building.
Rain gardens.
Rain Garden.
The rain garden soakaway.
Rain garden plans and rill, very dry.
Vehicular entrance.
Main vehicular access and the car park.
Derby Road (A6) entrance from the south.
South car park, rain garden and gym.
Rain Garden rill meander.
Rain garden and gym - south end.
The rain garden from the Headmasters house.
Access between the kitchen and the headmasters into the playground car park.
The lawn.
The lawn.
Playground car park entrance.
Raised beds in the hidden garden.
The lawn from the secret garden.
The greenhouse nad the secret garden.
The greenhouse.
Hidden garden by greenhouse.
The south lawn through the trees from the secret garden.
Hidden garden and wimming pool chimney.
The lawn looking towards the rain garden.
Playgroud car park entrance.
The eastern face of the building.
East face of building from playground car park.
The tree line on Gibfield Lane.
Playground car park from Gibfield Lane.
The swimming baths and the shared rear access from Gibfield Lane.
Gibfield Lane.