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Strutts Community Centre Update - 10th October 2013

The primary aims of the Strutts Community Project are to provide facilities for community activities and to restore the old Herbert Strutt School Building to its former glory. We are now at the end of our fourth year and there is so much yet to do.

The Project aims to be a legacy for the people of Belper for at least the next 100 years, so we do not have to fix everything in the first 5 years, but we do have to make it self financing. It would be nice to have a bit less peeling paint around the place, but we need to make the building watertight first. It is a delicate balance between providing the facilities that users want and funding the repairs. We reinvest every penny that we generate into the Project, with everyone involved being unpaid volunteers, so the more income that we generate the better the facilities and the quicker the restoration.

The Belper Strutts Society is a “friends” group that supports the Project through voluntary efforts and fund raising. Amongst the most visible items outside the building provided by their activities are the handrails, the exterior lights and the outside signage.

Inside the building the restoration of the Memorial Library, with its domed ceiling, wooden panelled walls and stained glass windows, has been entirely funded by the Belper Strutts Society. Next week will see the old carpet tiles and flooring removed and the original wooden block floor sanded and polished. The Library will then be stocked with appropriate books and memorabilia from the school years. We hope to “reopen” the Library at the School Reunion on 28th September 2013, with former pupils who remember it in its prime.

The next step in the restoration will be the main Hall. We have recently opened access to the balcony, which was closed off in the Primary School years, with new doors. We have a “few” problems with the Hall roof to fix before we can undertake the redecoration, but you just have to look beyond the current state to imagine its potential with its high domed ceiling and floor polished. There is not another room like it in Belper, which is already proving ideal for events, parties, concerts and conferences.

So if you can help in any way please phone Strutts Reception on 01773 599993 or email


Nick McLeod
Chairman of Trustees
Guardians of Strutts