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Strutts is owned and run on behalf of Belper as a registered charity run by volunteers. We have few forms of income other than the fees we charge to use our rooms and the services our volunteers provide within the building, i.e. food, drink.

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We have and do receive donations large and small in many forms from the giving of the small change left over from your booking, through the many second hand books we receive to larger items like a grand piano and all are gratefully received.

If you wish to make a small donation please do so through our reception they are equipped to accept donations up to £20. For donations over this amount please speak to us before you make your donation so we can make arrangement to recover any tax you have paid as this can make a considerable increase (25%) in the benefit we receive as a charity. For those of you who pay tax at the higher rate this may be of particular interest as you may be able to recover some of the tax you have already payed on the income.

Should you want your donation to be used for a specific purpose we will always endeavour to ensure it is used for the designated purpose. However, for small donations it is not always practical to identify the use of the donation but such request will help influence the use of the donations.