Strutts Logo Run by volunteers for Belper


Our lovely building is over a hundred years old and therefore presents us with a number of challenges when it comes to accessibility. We have made great headway in our endeavours to improve matters by installing a lift and providing accessible toilets, but some areas will always be inaccessible to those of us who have difficulty with steps and stairs. Further, some rooms will never be great for those of us with hearing problems as they were designed with vaulted ceilings and lots of hard surfaces. In addition, some of the activities in the building can be very noisy which can cause issues for those using adjoining rooms.

If you or any of your group have difficulties of any description, please tell us when you make your booking and we will endeavour to do our best to help mitigate them.

If you are coming to our site and need some help please give us a call on 01773 599993.


In the case of a fire, do not use the lift. The top landings of the stairwells are defined as places of safe refuge by the Fire Brigade please wait there and they will check for you on arrival.

The two exits from the main hall towards London Road are not suitable for those with mobility issues due to the steps, please use the exits towards the rear of the building which are more level.

Car Parking

A number of parking spaces have been designated for Blue Badge holders. These are located close to the doors which we would recommend for your use. This access is on the flat with a very small step which we believe to be wheelchair friendly.


We have a number of fully equipped toilet areas that provide full facilities to all. These are located on the ground floor by the two main stair wells on the main north/south corridor. Another fully equipped toilet is located on the first floor behind the lift a map is available.

A further two toilets are available next to rooms 10 and 17 and, while these are not fully accessible because the access is not to standard, most people would be able to use them as they are of generous proportion and well equipped.

Information on the handing of support bars to be incerted here!


Our main hall is equipped with a Hearing Loop. As this requires some installation please tell us in advance if you require to use it. We aim to improve the facilities in other rooms in the near future.

Visual Impairment

The work to help the visually impaired is a long term project and will be implemented as we redecorate the building. Whilst redesigning our colour schemes we are endeavouring to use colours with sufficient contrast to assist those with difficulties while providing a generally pleasing colour scheme - not always an easy combination!


We are working to improve our signage, both internally and externally to ensure an accessible, enjoyable visit for all. The room numbering system in particular confuses many but, for historic reasons, is being maintained and is well understood by those who use the building regularly. It is difficult to come up with a solution that does not involve covering our lovely building with a multitude of signs. Please feel free to ask for directions and we will gladly help. A map of the building is available

Mobility Issues

Our main entrance on the London Road side of the building is not accessible to anybody who is unable to climb three stone steps. Please contact reception before you arrive 01773 599993 and we will arrange assistance. At a number of points inside the building we have short ramps, all of which we believe to be suitable for wheelchairs but please let us know if you encounter any difficulties. You should be aware that many of our doors are large and heavy.

We cannot recommend the following rooms for those with mobility issues:

  1. Room 25 (a, b), you have to step up into these rooms.
  2. Room 26 (the Gym), there are two steps down into this room.
  3. Rooms 54 and 56, these two rooms are located half way up a staircase and not accessible by the lift.
  4. Rooms 108 & 109, these two rooms are at the top of a staircase and not accessible by the lift.

We are a friendly organisation of volunteers and if you have a problem please ask. If you have any suggestions, we would love to hear them.